New Zealand: Christchurch Cathedral crowned by color

The Trinity Window is pieced together in Christchurch's Transitional Cathedral. Photo: Anglican Taonga

The Trinity Window is pieced together in Christchurch’s Transitional Cathedral. Photo: Anglican Taonga

[Anglican Taonga] Christchurch’s Transitional Cathedral is being given a colorful new outlook on the city.

The “trinity window,” crowning the main entrance facing Latimer Square, features images from the Rose Window in the quake-damaged cathedral.

Made up of triangular glass panels, the great window should be complete within days.

Bishop Victoria Matthews is excited by the progress. “This is what we have all been waiting for,” she said. ”What I see here… is fragments of a much larger picture.

”In this world we only see hints of the life to come. In this world, we get glimpses of extraordinary beauty and awe and hints of things to come. ‘We don’t get the whole picture all at once, and this window is like that.”

The NZ$5.4m (US$4.53m) Transitional Cathedral is now expected to open at the end of June.

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