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South Carolina continuing Episcopalians meet to plan their future

Delegates elect leadership, change name to comply with court order

[Episcopal News Service – Charleston, South Carolina] Meeting in a town nicknamed the Holy City because of its founders’ religious tolerance and in a church that has survived the Civil War, great storms and an earthquake, Episcopalians in South Carolina turned to face their future. Continuing Episcopalians from around what is known as the Lowcountry […]

Facing the past and empowering indigenous leadership in Navajoland

[Episcopal News Service]  Some of them died of broken hearts. While Union and Confederate soldiers waged war primarily over perpetuating slavery in the South, a lesser-known tragedy took place in the western territories of New Mexico and Arizona: In what became known as the “Long Walk,” Union soldiers marched thousands of Navajo from their ancestral […]

Church in Navajoland confronts ministry challenges

[Episcopal News Service] Every third Sunday, Deacon Paula Henson travels 200 miles round trip from Fort Defiance, Arizona, to St. Joseph’s House Church in Many Farms, where she slowly is building a congregation that last November received four new baptized members. An Anglo priest established the house church some 50 years ago, but, more recently, […]

Inaugural prayer service attendees hear calls for faith, unity

National Cathedral gathering closes 57th inauguration

Editors note: Story updated with links to on-demand video and photo gallery. [Episcopal News Service] As is traditional for such events, the inauguration of President Barack Obama was surrounded by prayer, and Episcopal churches and Episcopalians played large roles in spiritually supporting the beginning of the president’s second term. The 57th Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service, […]

Celebrating King, creating peace

[Episcopal News Service] One way to interrupt violence is simply to raise a hand as though warding it away while simultaneously extending the other hand outwards in invitation for peaceful engagement. It may seem a symbolic gesture, but the upraised hand conveys “to an aggressor to stop what you are doing, [that] I refuse to […]

Draft letter on Israel-Palestine is problematic, presiding officers say

[Episcopal News Service] Editor’s note: Click here to view the Episcopal Voices of Conscience letter and its signatories, which was released on Jan. 18.   Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori and President of the House of Deputies the Rev. Gay Clark Jennings have said that a draft letter pressing the Executive Council to intervene in the […]

Jerusalem diocese provides health, education services to Palestinians

Ministries face challenges

[Episcopal News Service] For every one physically or developmentally disabled child treated at the Princess Basma Center for Disabled Children in East Jerusalem, another 20 are treated at intermediate or local centers throughout the West Bank. “We are the only center of excellence that provides comprehensive rehab in Palestine; we compete with others in the […]

Video: Princess Basma Center transforms disabled children’s lives

[Episcopal News Service] The Princess Basma Center is a unique institution in East Jerusalem that serves children both with and without disabilities. The center is one of 35 institutions run by the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem. About one fifth of the 650 students have physical or mental disabilities. They receive treatment, rehabilitation and education, with […]

Video: Asian Rural Institute – Ecumenism meets sustainable farming

[Episcopal News Service] The Asian Rural Institute in Japan is an ecumenical training center for rural leaders. Founded in 1973, the aim of the program is to invite and train grassroots leaders to serve more effectively in their communities as they work for the poor, the hungry, and the marginalized. Episcopal Relief & Development and […]

Gaza hospital continues to serve the poor despite financial difficulties

Institution poised to continue as specialty hospital

[Episcopal News Service] On a recent sunny day in Gaza, mothers and their children waited on benches on the manicured campus outside of Al Ahli Arab Hospital to receive care from a hospital-run program that offers three-months of services to 750 children aged 0 to 5. The nourishment program is just one of the many […]