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Video: Presiding Bishop preaches in Ramallah

[Episcopal News Service] “Our brothers are looking for the Holy One even if they don’t yet have the language for what it is they are seeking. Are you looking everywhere for Jesus? Go out and seek other anxious children, those brothers and sisters of ours who are also looking for him. We will find him […]

Video: Praying for a holy land

[Episcopal News Service] The Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem and the Middle East runs more than 30 education and healthcare institutions throughout Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and the Palestinian Territories, bringing vital services and a much-needed lifeline to the local community. The diocese and many of its institutions operate against a backdrop of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict […]

Video: After Sandy, ‘The hands and feet of Christ were here every day’

[Episcopal News Service] St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Keansburg, New Jersey, may be a small congregation, but its kitchen and parish hall have been a refuge in the last six weeks for the people trying to sort through and rebuild their lives after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the town and nearby communities. “The hands and feet […]