CREDO offers daily Advent reflections

[CREDO] Advent can open us to new life and new possibility, if we have the patience for its unfolding. Join CREDO faculty member, priest, and author Brian Taylor during this Advent season for a quiet moment of morning reflection—or build an Advent series in your church or community around Brian’s short reflections. Advent: God’s Victorious Light is available in text and audio, and a facilitator’s guide is available in advance.

This year, CREDO launches its first Spanish language Advent series. As Adviento 2012: La Gloriosa Luz de Dios, the series is translated by CREDO Faculty member Jesús Reyes. Enroll for the Spanish language reflection series through the CREDO blog Gaudium. (Sign up for email delivery in right-hand column.)

Advent: God’s Victorious Light is a series of Advent reflections in text and audio available online and emailed daily to your inbox. Written and read by CREDO faculty member Brian Taylor, the Advent reflections are grounded solidly in the real-life experience of the season and the possibilities there for spiritual awakening.

You are invited to sign up today for Advent 2012: God’s Victorious Light to begin receiving these reflections in text and audio in daily emails beginning December 2.

Sign up for the daily reflections here.


  1. Brent Ham says:

    Looking forward to hearing your reflections.

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