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Living in Egypt through revolution, protests, new opportunities

An interview with Episcopal priest Paul-Gordon Chandler

[Episcopal News Service] The Rev. Paul-Gordon Chandler is an Episcopal priest living in Egypt. He has served since 2003 as rector of St. John the Baptist Church in Cairo. In this ENS interview, Chandler reflects on the changes in Egypt over the past two years and speaks about the recent protests triggered by a film […]

Interfaith vigil marks International Day of Peace

[Episcopal News Service] Interfaith leaders, peacemakers, performers and guests began gathering early Sept. 21 at the Church Center for the United Nations’ Tillman Chapel for an “open house” vigil to commemorate International Day of Peace. “What is our responsibility for peace in the world?” asked the Rev. Lyndon Harris, executive director of the non-profit Gardens […]

Anglican leaders condemn anti-Islam film and violence

[Anglican Communion News Service] Leaders across the Anglican Communion have spoken out about The Innocence of Muslims, a film containing anti-Islam content that has so far triggered protests, violence and death in countries like Libya and Egypt. Both Anglican and Roman Catholic archbishops in New Zealand have condemned the film, its message and its promotion, […]

Clerics sometimes break the law in the pursuit of justice

[Episcopal News Service] The Rev. Jack Stanton is a veteran of civil rights and Vietnam War demonstrations. But he went one step further in May when he volunteered to be arrested during a protest on behalf of casino workers fired for union organizing in Hallandale Beach, Florida. Other clergy, including Episcopalians, also marched in the […]

Nation pays tribute to ‘world icon’ Neil Armstrong

[Episcopal News Service] The United States honored “the first human being to walk on another world” at Washington National Cathedral Sept. 13 with a combination of Scripture, a voice from the past, tributes, traditional hymns and Frank Sinatra. Neil Armstrong, 82, “can now finally put out [his] hand and touch the face of God,” Eugene […]

Video: Praying for peace, witnessing to solidarity

[Episcopal News Service] Eleven years after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the hundreds of people commuting through Newark, New Jersey’s Pennsylvania Station were greeted by a bishop, a rabbi and an imam in prayer. Many of the commuters were heading to New York, and many of those no doubt remembering colleagues, friends and […]

Backpack ministries keep kids fed so they can learn

[Episcopal News Service] When the community kitchen moved out of Calvary Episcopal Church in Ashland, Kentucky, after 30 years, parishioners wondered what to do next. “We have no idea what we should be doing to help our neighbors in need. We’ve got to find something to replace this,” they told the Rev. Ron Pogue when […]

Video: Awareness Foundation combats religious, cultural ignorance

[Episcopal News Service] The Rev. Nadim Nassar, a Syrian-born Church of England priest, launched the Awareness Foundation in 2003 in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The foundation aims to combat ignorance, misunderstandings and to change people’s preconceived notions about the world’s religions. The foundation runs regular courses, workshops and offers a training program for […]

Creative ministries offer hope, help to female offenders

[Episcopal News Service] Casey Hill spent the day job-hunting, searching for possible leads and filling out online applications at a nearby library before returning to Craine House, her “home” of four months, on Indianapolis’s north side. “I put in a million applications for any kind of job, if anyone will hire me,” said Hill, 26, […]

Alaska music camps build community while teaching children

[Episcopal News Service] They say music’s a universal language. To the Rev. Belle Mickelson of the Diocese of Alaska, it’s also a healer and community builder. Almost two decades ago, she spent an evening drinking tea and playing music with the elders of Galena, a central-Alaskan village along the Yukon, after leading a 4-H fisheries […]