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In India, churches accuse state of favoring Hindu temples

[Ecumenical News International, Bangalore, India] Church leaders in India’s southern Karnataka state have joined secular groups in criticizing the state government’s decision to give 170 million rupees (US$3 million) to Hindu temples that agree to pray for rain in a drought-wracked monsoon season. “Lack of rain is a worry for everyone … Let everyone pray […]

Zimbabwe Anglicans threatened with arrest, barred from shrine again

[Anglican Communion News Service] Anglicans in Zimbabwe’s Diocese of Masvingo may once again face arrest for trying to commemorate the life and ministry of Arthur Shearly Cripps1 and for carrying out their ministry. As ACNS reported last year, clergy and pilgrims were prevented from holding their celebrations at the Shearly Cripps Shrine by excommunicated bishop […]

CANADA: Saskatchewan diocese elects first indigenous bishop

[Anglican Journal] The Ven. Adam Halkett, archdeacon of Saskatchewan and priest-in-charge at St. Joseph’s, Montreal Lake First Nations, has been elected the first diocesan indigenous bishop of Saskatchewan. He was chosen July 28 by the diocese’s general assembly in Prince Albert. The election and consecration of a diocesan indigenous bishop is part of Mamuwe Isi Mywachimowin […]

Religion playing strong role in background of Olympic Games

[Ecumenical News International, London] In a BBC radio broadcast today, Anglican canon Duncan Green called on people everywhere in the world to live together in peace and harmony, in the spirit of the Olympic Games. “I was very moved last week when the Christian chaplains on the team helped their Muslim colleagues prepare a large […]

Scotland will be first country in UK to legalize gay marriage

[Ecumenical News International] Scotland announced on July 25 it will allow same-sex weddings as early as 2015, becoming the first country in the United Kingdom to do so. “We are committed to a Scotland that is fair and equal, and that is why we intend to proceed with plans to allow same sex marriage and […]

Religion has played role at Olympics since days of ancient Greece

[Ecumenical News International] A 600-foot footrace was the only athletic event at the first Olympics, a festival held in 776 B.C. and dedicated to Zeus, the chief Greek god. For the next millennium, reports Religion News Service, Greeks gathered every four years in Olympia to honor Zeus through sports, sacrifices and hymns. The five-day festival […]

NEW ZEALAND: Milestone for Christchurch’s Transitional Cathedral

[Anglican Taonga] Christchurch’s Transitional Cathedral moves closer to reality this Tuesday as contractors prepare to lay the foundations by Latimer Square. If all goes to plan, the building should be completed by Christmas. Construction company Naylor Love has been contracted for the build after many months of discussions. Cathedral staff member Craig Dixon said today: […]

Anglican Health Network to host conference on health and healing

[Anglican Communion News Service] The Anglican Health Network will host a two-day conference in the United Kingdom in April next year to draw together the experience of churches engaged in health services and healing ministries. AHN coordinator the Rev. Paul Holley commented, ‘In a changing health landscape, there are clear signs that churches are engaging […]

WALES: Review team offers radical vision for church

[Anglican Communion News Service] A radical new vision for the future of the Church in Wales is set out in a report launched July 20. Supersize parishes run by teams of vicars and lay people, creative ideas for ensuring churches stay at the heart of their communities and investing further in ministry to young people […]

NEW ZEALAND: Archbishops affirm Bible in Schools program

[Anglican Taonga] The two New Zealand-based archbishops have publicly declared that the Anglican Church stands four-square behind the Bible in Schools program. Archbishop David Moxon and Archbishop Brown Turei were moved to comment following televised remarks made yesterday by St Matthew-in-the-City priest Clay Nelson, who has joined the atheist run-Secular Education Network in a bid […]