Virginia diocese, Haymarket Anglican church settle property dispute

[Episcopal Diocese of Virginia] The Episcopal Diocese of Virginia and St. Paul’s Church, Anglican, Haymarket, have reached an agreement that concludes the property dispute which began in 2006.

Under the terms of the agreement, St. Paul’s Church, Anglican will convey all real and tangible personal property to the Diocese, with the exception of some items of sentimental value. The Diocese has made arrangements for the day school located on site at St. Paul’s to remain in place through a five-year lease. The parties have come to an agreement regarding the division of liquid assets, including a payment being made to the Diocese of Virginia and an amount retained to support the day school. The Anglican congregation will vacate the property by April 30 and forgo any appeal of the decision.

“We are pleased to have reached an additional settlement with a congregation,” said Henry D.W. Burt, secretary of the Diocese. “We wish the members of St. Paul’s Church, Anglican well in their transition, and look forward to returning the historic property to the mission and ministry of the Episcopal Church.”


  1. Alfred Lingo says:

    I am so glad the agreement was made so that the Episcopal property returns to the Episcopal Diocese.I am very happy for them and wish we, in the Diocese of San Joaquin, CA., could say the same. Our Diocese was led away by former Bishop John Schofield, and after spending millions of dollars with lawyers, we still are waiting for the ruling by the Courts on the same subject!! I have belonged to the U.S. Episcopal Church for over 60 years, and EVERY THING THAT I HAVE GIVEN HAS BEEN TO AND FOR THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH. I recognize that we are a Province of the Anglican Communion, but my contributions have been to the Episcopal Church.


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