Becoming a Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society

An Adaptive Moment

[Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs] Becoming A Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society: An Adaptive Moment, a proposal to address and discuss potential restructuring of the Episcopal Church, is available for viewing here or here.

Presented by Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori and Bishop Stacy Sauls, Chief Operating Officer of the Episcopal Church, Becoming A Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society: An Adaptive Moment is being shared pursuant to Canon I.2.4, which charges the Presiding Bishop with “responsibility for leadership in initiating and developing the policy and strategy in the Church.”

“The presentation represents thoughts and ideas from conversations with many other dedicated, committed people throughout the church.” Sauls said, “The idea is to spark conversation about our future.”

Addressing the concerns and needs of dioceses and congregations, Becoming A Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society: An Adaptive Moment offers an examination of the Episcopal Church’s governance mechanisms, funding, and resource allocation and asks for a discussion on all levels of the Church.

DVDs of the presentation are available upon request; contact


  1. Katherine Wilhelm says:

    This was a great presentation on much needed reform.

    I want to suggest a diocesan model of Mission, Partnership, Discernment and Shared Resources…
    based upon 25 years of research before “Missional Church” terminology was vogue,
    a model which is based upon field testing,
    a model which has engaged in multiple independent reviews of results!
    This is a model which has been used in seven countries.

    The model is: Partnership For Missional Church
    from the Church Innovations Institute
    located in St. Paul, Minnesota.
    Episcopal priest, Rev. Dr. Dwight Zscheile, at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, is familiar with the model since his doctoral adviser is the genius behind the model, genius Rev. Dr. Patrick Keifert.

    The model is a 3-4 year journey/model of listening, discovery, and partnering with the triune God, with other Episcopalians, with other faiths and with secular groups for the transformation, well-being and reconciliation of God’s people and communities.

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