Orombi announces early retirement

[Episcopal News Service] Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi, leader of the Anglican Province of the Church of Uganda, plans to retire early.

The province said that Orombi told a regularly scheduled meeting of the House of Bishops on Jan. 7 that he wants the election of his successor to take place in June 2012. The new archbishop would be enthroned in December.

Orombi was enthroned on Jan. 25, 2004. Archbishops in the Church of Uganda serve a ten-year term and must retire by the age of 65 or at the conclusion of their ten-year term, whichever comes first. Orombi’s ten-year term was set to expire in January 2014, before he turned 65.

Orombi has been outspoken in the Anglican Communion and in Ugandan politics. He is one of the communion’s leading critics of the Episcopal Church. Orombi has consecrated several former Episcopal priests as bishops to serve congregations in the U.S. that have broken away from the Episcopal Church, actions known as cross-provincial interventions that have been sharply criticized by all the councils of the Anglican Communion.

Uganda Bishop Christopher Senyonjo, who ministered to the marginalized and oppressed in Uganda, including the gay community, was inhibited by Orombi.

Most recently, Orombi reportedly said during his New Year’s sermon at St. Paul’s Cathedral, Namirembe, that his country needs spiritual healing and hope.

“It is this hope that will heal us and this hope can start by us blaming ourselves for all the wrong actions that have impacted on our nation,” he said.

The Ugandan newspaper New Vision covered his retirement announcement here.

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