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Video: Presiding Bishop preaches in Ramallah

[Episcopal News Service] “Our brothers are looking for the Holy One even if they don’t yet have the language for what it is they are seeking. Are you looking everywhere for Jesus? Go out and seek other anxious children, those brothers and sisters of ours who are also looking for him. We will find him […]

Archbishop of Canterbury to become Baron Williams of Oystermouth

[Lambeth Palace] The Queen has been pleased to confer a Peerage of the United Kingdom for Life on the Most Reverend and Right Honourable Dr Rowan Williams Lord Archbishop of Canterbury upon his retirement from the See of Canterbury. Rowan Williams will be created a Baron for Life by the style and title of Baron Williams of […]

Death of Bishop Jane Holmes Dixon

Letter from the Diocese of Washington

[Episcopal Diocese of Washington] Bishop of Washington Mariann Edgar Budde writes the following letter concerning the death of Jane Holmes Dixon, former bishop suffragan and bishop pro tempore of the Diocese of Washington. Dixon was the second woman bishop in the Episcopal Church and the third in the Anglican Communion. Dixon’s funeral will be held Saturday, Jan. […]

Archbishop of Canterbury’s Christmas Day sermon

[Lambeth Palace] The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, is urging people to go and ‘join the human race’ this Christmas and become agents of transformation and renewal. In his final Christmas sermon in Canterbury Cathedral Dr Williams says the purpose of the Christian message isn’t to defend religion or make the church credible, but […]

Sandy Hook children depicted as angels in Christmas decorations

[Washington National Cathedral] The children who attended Sandy Hook Elementary School who were killed last Friday are being remembered in Washington National Cathedral’s Christmas decorations this year. Twenty childlike angels made of paper doilies adorn the altar in the Children’s Chapel of the Cathedral, each representing one of the children from Newtown, Connecticut. Each angel […]


En las últimas semanas dos distinguidas damas de la comunidad hispana de Estados Unidos han muerto. Son ellas Jenni Rivera, cantante, oriunda de Los Ángeles y de origen mexicano y Victoria Soto, joven maestra de ascendencia puertorriqueña. Jenni perdió su vida en un accidente aéreo y Victoria fue víctima de un joven desquiciado mentalmente en […]

Presiding bishop’s Christmas Eve sermon in Jerusalem

[Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs] “A child is born, a prince of peace who will establish justice, here and around this earth,” Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori said in her sermon on Christmas Eve, December 24 from St. George’s Cathedral in Jerusalem. The following is the text of the Presiding Bishop’s Christmas […]

Christmas in the Land of the Holy One

‘Light shines in the darkness,’ presiding bishop says in Christmas Eve sermon

[Episcopal News Service – Jerusalem] “A child is born, a prince of peace who will establish justice, here and around this earth. He will be guide and counselor, a ruler to lead us in paths of peace, who will break down walls and make the path straight,” said Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori in her Christmas […]

Video: Praying for a holy land

[Episcopal News Service] The Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem and the Middle East runs more than 30 education and healthcare institutions throughout Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and the Palestinian Territories, bringing vital services and a much-needed lifeline to the local community. The diocese and many of its institutions operate against a backdrop of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict […]

Archbishop of Canterbury: ‘If all you have is a gun, everything is a target’

[Lambeth Palace] In his final Thought for the Day this morning on BBC Radio 4, the Archbishop of Canterbury talks about the recent killings in Connecticut and discounts the argument often put forward that “it’s not guns that kill, it’s people” saying: “People use guns. But in a sense guns use people, too. When we […]