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Presiding Bishop releases letter about the Diocese of Haiti

[Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs press release] The Office of the Presiding Bishop announced Dec. 1 that it was releasing a letter from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry to the Rt. Rev. Zache Duracin, the Rt. Rev. Oge Beauviour and the Rev. … [Read More]

Video: Two Tables

http://episcopalchurch.wistia.com/medias/s5w2gy07nr?embedType=async&videoWidth=560 [Office of Communication] Two Tables features young adult Maggy Keet of New York City discussing two tables – one for the Lord’s banquet and the other for her fami … [Read More]

Stewardship focus shifts to year-round giving, community building

[Episcopal News Service] This year, St. Bartholomew’s parishioners posted notes to a “Giving Wall” in the sanctuary, sharing the reasons they give to the Poway, California church. “Because I so easily ‘fall in love’ with money,” wrote one Post- … [Read More]

Advent 2016 resources

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Evangelism matters to the world, say 400+ Episcopalians, Anglicans

[Episcopal News Service – Dallas, Texas] The slogan on the swag bag read: “Episcopal Evangelist. It’s not an oxymoron.” While some people might think that an Episcopal evangelist is a rare breed, more than 400 evangelism veterans and fledgling prac … [Read More]