10/1/17: Priest Associate for Faith in Action (Greenville, SC)

What are you looking for?
Priest Associate for Faith in Action
What’s the name of your church or organization?
Christ Church Episcopal
Where is the job site located?
Greenville, SC
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Job Title: Priest Associate for Faith in Action (FiA)
Hours: 40 Hours per Week
Primary Job Location: Christ Church Episcopal, Greenville, South Carolina
Application Deadline: December 1. 2017
Ministry Summary

Consistent with all other positions at Christ Church, the goal of this full time position (40 hours per week) is to enable others to obtain a closer union with God.

This position is responsible for local and global Outreach (programs and projects that serve the needs of those outside the parish) and Inreach (programs and projects that aid parishioners in their exercise of their gifts for ministry while putting their faith into action).

The duties of the office will be performed with a focus on teamwork, service, communication, collaboration, and engagement with staff and parishioners alike to foster an environment of Christian service with an emphasis on ways to continuously improve.

Position Description

The Priest Associate for Faith in Action has responsibility for:

1. All Faith in Action Ministries, the Faith in Action Staff, and the Faith in Action Committee
2. Supervising and oversee the Outreach Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator
3. Goal setting and the implementation of the Strategic Plan as it pertains to Faith in Action
4. The continued development and execution of the Faith in Action Vision
5. Identifying projects and implementation plans, including leaders, scope, timelines, budget, logistics, communication before and after, and evaluation of projects
6. Identifying and working with leaders within the parish to spearhead projects and events
7. Developing and maintaining the relationships between Christ Church, the Greenville community, and Faith in Action Partners
8. Developing communication plans for Faith in Action while working with the Director of Communications and Faith in Action Coordinator to insure the implementation of such plans
9. Overseeing the budgeting process for Faith in Action while remaining consistent with the vision and strategic plan

General Functions

• The Priest Associate for Faith in Action will play a key organizational role in the operational areas of church life: pastoral care, liturgical leadership in all its seasons, family and children’s ministries, newcomer incorporation, retreats, and the day to day coordination of our network of lay leaders, musicians, staff, and non-stipendiary clergy. The Associate Rector must be exceptionally organized and capable of managing complex projects with grace and a positive attitude.

• The Priest Associate for Faith in Action will provide pastoral ministry to the parish under the direction and supervision of the Rector. Ministry includes all aspects of parish life, such as presiding at church services, providing sacramental preparation and pastoral care of individuals, leadership of assigned areas, moderator of other specified programs; collaborating with other clergy in Christian educational and program initiatives, providing counsel to individuals.

• The Priest Associate for Faith in Action must have a passion and gift for preaching. Our congregation relies on its clergy to deliver thoughtful, articulate, informed, relevant, and intellectual sermons grounded in Scripture that inspire everyone present to share in an experience of the Spirit.

• The Priest Associate for Faith in Action will play an important role as a spiritual presence grounded in prayer for individuals as well as the community at large. We place a high value on welcoming all who seek Christ, and our Associate Rector must embody Christ Church’s spirit of an open heart.

Reporting Relationships
This position reports to the Rector.

Other Key Relationships
Internal: Rector, Faith in Action Staff, Church Staff, Faith in Action Committee, Vestry, Parishioners

External: Bon Secours St. Francis, Project Host Soup Kitchen, Triune Mercy Center, Jasmine Road, Habitat for Humanity, Homes of Hope, United Ministries, Fourth Presbyterian Church, Long Branch Baptist Church, Greenville Community Development, Greenville First Steps, Sterling Hope Center Board, Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina

Essential Job Functions and Primary Responsibilities-


1. Community
a. Represent Christ Church in the community
b. Represent Christ Church on various boards/community agencies or designate representatives.
c. Looks for ways to collaborate with partners and other churches to meet needs in Greenville.

2. Leadership and Management
a. Provide administrative leadership within the organization by driving the continuous improvement efforts of the parish and the Faith In Action Ministry
b. Lead and coordinate weekly Faith In Action team meetings
c. Serve as a member of the Executive Leadership Staff
d. Serve as the facilitator of the Faith in Action committee
e. Serve as a leadership presence at Faith in Action affiliated ministries within the community

3. Supervisory
a. Work with the FiA Committee Chair to lead the monthly FiA Committee meeting
b. Meet weekly with the FiA staff to ensure deadlines are met, discuss program needs, review and update goals, and update staff on Executive Leadership Team information
c. Oversee the Next Projects
d. Create a calendar in collaboration with the FiA staff for programs throughout the year.
e. Ensure FiA staff are meeting and documenting department and personal goals, adhering to their job descriptions, and supporting FiA volunteers

4. Fiscal
a. Oversee the Faith in Action budget
b. Manage the Reserve Accounts and Endowment distributions
c. Oversee the grant process
d. Guide the FiA Committee through the budgeting process, including making grants available to the community and reviewing the grants
e. Anticipate resource needs for future regular and strategic endeavors
f. Present the FiA budget in collaboration with the FiA team, the FiA Committee chair and the FiA vestry representative
g. Work with staff and committees to ensure appropriate use of resources and monitor expenses


Beginning with an understanding that our worship services are at the center of our parish community life, the liturgical responsibilities include sharing in the development and coordination of our Sunday, weekday and special worship services: giving shape to liturgical seasons and our various worship services, settings and styles. The Priest Associate will celebrate, preach and lead weekday and Sunday scheduled services, including weddings, baptisms and funerals as a member of the ongoing clergy rotation. Particular attention and sensitivity is required as we strive to offer worship experiences that are both welcoming, timely and relevant while always faithful to our Episcopal tradition and heritage.

1. Administrative
The Priest Associate will have responsibilities for sharing the administrative leadership of the parish with the Rector and other executive leadership staff.

2. Pastoral Care Responsibilities
Responsibilities include visitation (homes, hospitals, nursing homes, offices), calling, individual and family counseling, spiritual guidance.

3. Faith Development Responsibilities
Responsibilities include supporting Faith Development efforts encouraging parishioners to present significant events and programs of Christian formation including preparation for receiving the Sacraments and other ministration of the Church, teaching courses in Christian Education as needed, gathering study groups on Sundays and weekdays, and leading and participating in various fellowship activities as needed.

Other Responsibilities
• Regularly meet with fellow clergy, staff, Vestry and other committees as assigned
• Develop and support specific parish groups as assigned by the Rector
• New member incorporation, ministry to lapsed members, and developing lay leaders
• Attend Diocesan and local clergy gatherings, annual retreats
• Provide pertinent information for parish communications’ mediums, i.e. the Community News, the website, social media, the monthly calendar, etc.
• Interface with staff in fulfilling responsibilities and seek staff participation and support in the performance of tasks.

The Assistant’s duties and responsibilities outlined above may be changed or altered as parish needs change and at the discretion of the Rector or Wardens of the parish.

Required Competencies
· Must pass background/drug/motor vehicle screening
· Computer literate with knowledge of MS Office and the ability to learn software quickly

Required Minimum Education and Experience
· Bachelor’s degree or higher
· M.Div. or equivalent degree
· Ordination or pending ordination as either an Episcopal Deacon or Priest
· At least two years of related professional experience
· Experience in team leadership and management, volunteer management, program management, fiscal oversight, and/or strategic planning
· Experience with group facilitation and public speaking

Personal Qualities
· Lives into his/her faith
· Self-motivated, organized, detail-oriented and able to prioritize, plan and manage multiple tasks
· Excellent verbal and written communication skills
· Excellent interpersonal skills and collaborative management style
· Excels at operating in a fast-paced, diverse community environment
· Excellent people manager, open to direction and commitment to task completion
· High comfort level working in a fluid environment

What type of commitment are you looking for?
  • Full time
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What is the application process?
Please contact Kyley Miller, Director of Human Resources, at (864) 271-8773.
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