Restreaming: Thriving in the Currents of Retirement

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Restreaming: Thriving in the Currents of Retirement
William S. Craddock
Church Publishing Incorporated
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September 2017
“Restreaming: Thriving in the Currents of Retirement”

New book looks at retirement as a time of renewal

NEW YORK: September 19, 2017 – Retired wellness professional William Craddock’s new book “Restreaming: Thriving in the Currents of Retirement” offers a collection of provocative reflections inviting people anticipating retirement or already retired to envision new opportunities and new ways of being in retirement. Working with the metaphor of a kayak paddling in a new, downstream current of retirement, Craddock reflects on his life experiences and invites readers to join him in exploring past and present experiences as a means to guide their life into their later years with purpose and meaning.

In the essay “A Rhythm of REP” Craddock challenges readers to fortify themselves against the three “plagues” of old age (boredom, loneliness, and helplessness) by actively pursuing opportunities for Relationships, Exercise, and Purpose to ensure their own spiritual nourishment and care. The included online study guide offers resources to foster self-reflection and facilitate deeper understanding and appreciation for one’s life experiences.

“Many people are terrified of the word ‘retirement’ and the relentless march of time into the later years of life,” says Craddock. “In looking back at various experiences in my life, I have tried to reflect and write about what I could glean that was worth sharing with others. Perhaps the vignettes in this little book will inspire the reader to pause and reflect on their own experiences – the twists, turns, rocks, rapids, and waterfalls of their river of life within.”

Martha Horne, former dean and president emeritus of Virginia Theological Seminary describes “Restreaming” as “a creative, refreshing, and inspiring reflection on retirement as a time of renewal rather than withdrawal; a season for reconnecting with the people, places, memories, and values that matter most to us.”

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