Webinar: Best Practices for Building Community and Avoiding Toxic Charity, Oct. 24

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Best Practices for Building Community and Avoiding Toxic Charity
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Join us October 24 at 2:30pm EST for an interactive panel discussion about how congregations can create constituent minded, mutually affirming partnerships with schools and other organizations. Learn important questions your congregation needs to consider both internally and in the early stages of outreach and program development to build ministries that “work with” the neighborhood rather than “do for” people they are aiming to help.

Learn more & register free at allourchildren.org/webinars

About the panelists:
Heidi Kim is the Staff Officer for Racial Reconciliation in the Episcopal Church.

Fran Early is the co-author of “Doing Good…Says Who?” a book exploring the impact of good intentions from the inside.

Marilyn Lee is the Executive Director of Loving Houston an organization in Houston, TX focused on advancing community transformation by helping churches serve local schools.

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Mary-Liz Murray