The Anthropocosmic Vision: For a New Dialogic Civilization

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The Anthropocosmic Vision: For a New Dialogic Civilization
Robert F. Thompson
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September 2017
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At this critical juncture in the history and self-understanding of Western civilization, this is an opportune time to reflect upon who we are as human beings, where we have come from, and where we are going—in the largest possible scope of vision. This text is offered as one such reflection, making particular reference to the Synergic Anthropology of the Russian philosopher, Sergey S. Horujy.

This book is written at a transitional time for America and Europe and indeed for the world. Within this change there is an undercurrent of political feeling that looks to Russia or identifies with certain conceptualizations of (Orthodox) Christian Russia (or “Holy Rus”). The current regime of oligarchs in Russia capitalizes on this. A key quality or characteristic of this relationship, from both sides, is one of resentment—resentment that is maximized for use in weaponized public rhetorics. We are witness, as an expression of this, to resurgent nationalisms, including a “white nationalism,” which is trans-national in its formation.

More than ever, it is important to see humankind in its telos—its divine potential for unfolding, much as a flower blossom unfolds, in freedom and love. If it has the surface appearance of a scholarly work, this new text is offered more as an unfinished hymn—a melody—touching on intellectual and spiritual traditions ranging from hesychast practice, to Maximus the Confessor and Mikhail Bakhtin, intending contexts that are global, cosmic and open. The focus of this book is humanity and its possible futures in light of Holy Wisdom.

This title is conceived as a companion volume to the author’s earlier study, “From Glory to Glory: The Sophianic Vision of Fr. Sergius Bulgakov,” published in 2016.

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Robert Thompson