9/6/17: Communications/Membership Development Manager (Washington, DC)

What are you looking for?
Communications/Membership Development Manager
What’s the name of your church or organization?
Christ Church Georgetown
Where is the job site located?
Washington, DC
What do you want this person to do?
Founded in 1817, Christ Church Georgetown is a vibrant parish in the heart of historic Georgetown in Washington, DC. The Parish has a staff of 11, averages roughly 500 Sunday attendees, and has a budget of $2.0 million. The Communications Manager will report to the Rector (but will also work closely with other church personnel) and is responsible for creating and implementing a comprehensive communications strategy for the Parish. The Communications Manager will support the mission and vision of Christ Church by promoting its ministries, programs, and events to the Parish, the Diocese, and the wider community of non-members through a variety of communications channels, both print and electronic.

Specific duties are described below:

• Responsible for the timely and accurate publication of all communications with parishioners
o Sundays – all bulletins, pulpit announcements, Bible readings, Hymns, prayer lists, altar flower deliveries, etc.
o Prepare bulletins for other services (weddings, funerals, etc.)
o Work with appropriate staff to assemble and edit the Courier and arrange for volunteers to deliver it
o Prepare the weekly newsletter
o Work with church committees to assure that their communications are accurate, appropriate, effective, and timely
o Update the web site in a timely fashion so that it reflects the church’s energy and lively activities
o Maintain communications systems, including phone trees
o Assist in maintaining the Church computer networks and on-line systems
o Stay abreast of ongoing diocesan activities that may be of interest to parishioners and communicate them
o Adhere to approved publication and marketing guidelines to promote consistent branding and quality
• New Member Development
o Support the new member program by
• Identifying visitors
• Tracking potential new members
• Helping in planning activities to move potential members to membership status
o Determine most effective method for stimulating non-parishioner attendance at parish functions
• Target communications creatively to both parishioners and non-parishioners – pointing out the benefits of attending/participating in the broader life of the parish (Quiet Mornings, Retreats, added musical offerings, etc.)
• Direct the parish’s communication’s efforts to maximize their effect
• Other duties as assigned

As the parish staff is relatively small, the successful candidate must be able to communicate and work collegially and effectively with all levels of church employees, committees, and lay volunteers. This might include performing assignments that are not in the specific list of duties above.

In addition, the ideal candidate for the job will:
• Be comfortable with multiple modes of communications (print, on-line, oral, social media, and new forms of media as they develop)
• Be an accomplished writer and proofreader
• Have a keen eye for layout and design detail
• Have publishing/layout experience as well as familiarity in logo/branding
• Be (or become) fully conversant with ECUSA and Christ Church liturgy and ways of doing things
• Be adept at multi-tasking
• Demonstrate agility to shift from task to task in a dynamic environment and complete duties in a timely manner

What type of commitment are you looking for?
  • Full time
Does this job pay?
What is the application process?
To apply, please send resume, cover letter and references to Glenn Metzdorf at glenn@christchurchgeorgetown.org.
When is the application deadline?
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