8/30/17: Rector (Greeneville, TN)

What are you looking for?
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St. James Episcopal Church
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Greeneville, TN
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Who We Seek

A campaign commercial for JFK once advertised that their candidate was “old enough to know, and young enough to do.” Our hope is that our new rector will fit this description, being capable of providing us not only with instruction rooted in scripture and sound doctrine, but also having a heart inclined toward pastoral care.

Per the results of the survey we recently completed, Preaching and Pastoral Care are the two crucial abilities we hope for in our new rector. We have enjoyed outstanding sermons from our previous priest, but a very clear majority of the parishioners here feel a hunger for warmth. Whoever is called to lead us in our spiritual journey must challenge us intellectually and support our outreach efforts, but should also be committed to pastoral care which has not always been a strength in our parish.

Our spiritual vitality is high; we want a rector who is capable and willing to match that vitality. If after prayerful consideration you hear God calling you to St. James in Greeneville, then we very much look forward to sharing our spiritual journey with you. 25. Our Aspirations

The members of our parish give the worship services high praise, yet it is still our hope to provide more opportunities for Christian education and spiritual formation at every stage of life. Children’s Sunday School has recently started back up, and many of us many would like to see Adult classes return. In the meantime, the two lay-led Bible study groups that have been gathering faithfully for many years will suffice.

We love our parish and are indeed grateful for the way God moves in our lives through worship services and other ministerial opportunities, yet we want more. In terms of offerings of Christian education, those in our parish are hungry and capable of wrestling with the more “meaty” topics God wants to challenge us with. So, too, are we desirous of building on the youth program to help train them up in the way they should go.

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  • Full time
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Submit an up to date resume, OTM profile and letter of interest, reflecting on the parish prolife and stating how your skills, interests, passion and experience connect with what the parish is seeking.
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