Following the Spiral: Exploring Celtic Christian Heritage, Dec. 15-17 (Bellows Falls, VT)

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Following the Spiral: Exploring Celtic Christian Heritage
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Stone Church Center
12 Church St
Bellows Falls, Vermont 05101
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An Advent Retreat

Things Celtic seem to be appearing frequently in our culture – in music, art, jewelry, movies – as well as in spirituality. In fact, Celtic spiritual tradition is deeply embedded in Anglican Christianity.
The ancient Celts prized deep connections with nature and the divine wisdom hidden within it – in the rocks, plants and animals that share our world, as well as in our souls and physical bodies. Due to current upheavals in our earth’s climate as well as in human society, a deep yearning for a different way seems to be emerging in many of us, which may find resonance in the wisdom of our Celtic Christian ancestors.

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Robert Bowler