Bench Pressing Threads of Faith

Title of book or publication
Bench Pressing Threads of Faith
Patricia M. Boord
Xulon Press
Month and Year of Publication
January 2017
Description or summary
Have you ever stopped to examine your faith journey or tried to determine how far along the road you’ve come? Patricia “Pat” Boord shares her amazing story of both her physical and faith transformations that have enabled her to compete at the highest of levels of powerlifting’s bench press competitions. As a multi-time bench press national champion and world silver medalist, Pat has experienced the strength of God’s love and the impact of her faith on her accomplishments. You will be astonished at what God has enabled Pat to accomplish in her first two years of competing. Through Pat’s stories, she will demonstrate the power that faith has had in her life when facing everyday obstacles…the frustrating, the poignant and the tragic. Bench Pressing Threads of Faith promises to be a powerful, moving, and faith filled book of one woman’s journey to share God’s glory.
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Amazon; Barnes and Noble
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Patricia Boord