The Once and Future Hymnal Conference, Oct. 23-24 (Alexandria, VA)

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The Once and Future Hymnal: Developments in Culture, Language, Technology and Musical Style
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Virginia Theological Seminary
3737 Seminary Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22304
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General Convention asked the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music to develop a process for the possible revision of The 1982 Hymnal. In response to that mandate, the Center for Liturgy and Music at Virginia Theological Seminary is hosting a conference to explore what this process might look like.

The consultation, to be held at VTS this fall, October 23 and 24, will address whether the time for revision has come. Grounded in a fresh revisitation of the conditions that led to the 1982 Hymnal, a critical assessment of the current situation of the church’s life and witness will be offered. What were those conditions – social, cultural, religious, theological, spiritual, missional – that powered the revision of the ’82 hymnal and are similar conditions present now? What are those conditions and what challenges to our liturgical life do they present? What matters of language, culture, and musical style, as well as delivery systems, press the question of hymnal revision?

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