7/18/17: Rector (Valrico, FL)

What are you looking for?
What’s the name of your church or organization?
Holy Innocents Episcopal Church
Where is the job site located?
Valrico, FL
What do you want this person to do?
Through our parish survey, workshop, and communications with our parishioners, the following traits and qualities emerged as to what we desire in our next rector.

 We seek a spiritual leader who has an endless love of Christ, a pervasive love for our parish, and a love for the Episcopal Church.

 We seek an inspirational preacher and spiritual leader who can bring to life the relevance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in today’s world

. We seek a rector who is respectful of Episcopal traditions but open to new and diverse ways of worship and music.

 We enjoy humor and conviction in the way our rector shares Christ’s message with us. Our rector should have a command of biblical history and scripture, and possess an ability to share Christ’s message with us in challenging, positive, and encouraging ways; stirring our hearts to respond to God’s call in our lives. We seek a rector who welcomes everyone to the altar – treating all with respect, understanding, compassion and mercy. We are a church that walks with Christ, and we ask our next spiritual leader to join us as we embrace inclusiveness and diversity. Our new rector needs the ability to work with young adults and families, but also understand and support our aging parishioners. We seek a rector who is “on track with Jesus” – who will assist us in transforming our community, our country, and the world. Our new rector must be committed to personal spiritual health, aware and respectful of a healthy work/life balance that will allow spiritual refreshment. We need a skilled and tech savvy administrator.

We recognize the challenges that these expectations present. The Congregation and church leadership are prepared to work in partnership with the newly called Rector to develop a lasting bond, one based on the peace and love of Christ.

What type of commitment are you looking for?
Full time
Does this job pay?
What is the application process?
Resume/Curriculum Vitae
A copy of your updated OTM profile
A “Letter of Interest” that highlights why you believe you may be called to serve as Rector for
Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church of Valrico, Florida The names of at least three referencesNOTE: The Vestry and Search Committee members request responses to the following five essay questions from candidates:

What are the demographics of your present congregation and what have you done to tailor your ministry to your parish? What are specific strategies you have for both ministering to the aging pop- ulation in a congregation and engaging those in the younger population? Cite specific examples from your ministry thus far.

What are your strategies for identifying potential leaders from within the congregation What are your methods for developing those leaders to give the courage to serve?

How do you bridge the gap, perceived or real, between the timeless liturgies of the Episcopal Church and the challenge of drawing in new people who have no history with that particular liturgy and for whom it is foreign? Cite specific examples from your ministry thus far.

First Year Priorities
Recalling your first year at your present parish, please comment on any changes or adjustments you made in the worship service, music program, vestry, staff, financial stewardship, programming or any other aspects of parish life. What necessitated these changes? How did you communicate these changes to the affected parties and the parish, and what were their reactions?

About You
What events happening in the church today inspire you to continue in ministry? Cite specific exam- ples of one or two events and how they influenced you. What authors or speakers are defining your view of the church and helping you to grow deeper in your faith and your pastoral leadership?

DUE DATE: All requested materials, above, are due no later than August 22, 2017.
SUBMIT ALL MATERIALS TO: (electronic submission preferred)
Episcopal Diocese of Southwest Florida Attn: The Rev. Canon Eric Cooter 8005 25th St E
Parrish, FL 34219
Email: ecooter@episcopalswfl.org

1. The Diocesan Transition officer will acknowledge, via email, your submission within 4 days of
receipt. Communications with prospective candidates will be treated with total confidentiality.
2. Your submission will be reviewed, and notification will be made regarding continued discernment in the process.
3. Criminal background checks and diocesan references will be conducted by the Diocese of Southwest Florida.
4. Those continuing in the process will be asked to participate in telephone interviews with the Vestry.
5. Visits to home parishes of select candidates may be made.
6. One or more final candidate(s) will be invited to visit Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church and will meet with the Vestry for an in-person interview.
7. The Vestry makes the final decision and submits the candidate to the bishop for final approval.

When is the application deadline?
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