Leading in a Dynamic Environment: A Kayaking Adventure, Sept. 17-20 (Chicago, IL)

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Leading in a Dynamic Environment: A Kayaking Adventure
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Chicago, IL
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A successful Gospel-driven congregation requires a leader who is nimble, thoughtful and able to adjust to the dynamic environment in which we enact our faith and embody our vocations.

The sea, be it an inland sea like Lake Michigan or any one of the great salt water bodies, is the most dynamic system on the planet. What lessons can we learn from people who guide, coach and lead people on the tempestuous waters of the ocean? How do we enable people to experience awe in their faith life? How do we navigate the waters of change that must take place in our congregations in the 21st century?

Join Bonnie Perry in this four-day workshop of sea kayaking, praying, and reflecting on leading. See the city of Chicago from Lake Michigan. Join colleagues in reflecting how leading a group along a rocky shoreline in a sea kayak can offer abiding insights to our lives as congregational leaders. Participants should be comfortable in and around water, and be moderately physically fit.

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