Volunteer to Die, A Denise Reed Mystery

Title of book or publication
Volunteer to Die, A Denise Reed Mystery
Mary Koppel
Cozy Cat Press
Month and Year of Publication
April 2017
Description or summary
Denise Reed is unemployed and about to drive her mother crazy. Denise has been hiding out at her mother’s home in New Orleans pretending to job hunt while feeling sorry for herself. She accompanies her mother one Tuesday to Riverview, an exclusive independent living facility, to volunteer. While helping one of the residents, Louise Butler, retrieve her sweater, Denise learns about the mysterious death of an aide, Tina Moore, and a rash of small thefts.

Was it an accident? Or something more? Is someone really stealing at Riverview? Denise takes a position at Riverview and begins to investigate the thefts and Tina’s accident. Before she knows it, she is Tai Chi-ing her way out of her unemployment funk, crushing on a Jason Statham look-alike named Jason, and avoiding a pimple faced thug. Will she be able to sort out who she can trust? Or will she end up like Tina Moore?

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