The First 100 Years in the Americas: 1917 – 2017: Third Order Society of St. Francis

Title of book or publication
The First 100 Years in the Americas, 1917 – 2017: Third Order Society of St. Francis
The Rev. R. John Brockmann TSSF
Month and Year of Publication
March 2017
Description or summary
When one reads what Francis of Assisi wrote, one is struck by how “unoriginal” most of his compositions were. Most were a pastiche of sacred scripture. Such a composing approach reflected his humility, suggesting that there was nothing higher or truer than Scripture, so he would “write” with the words and phrases of this truest language rather than the paltry inventions of his creation. As a humble Franciscan history of Third Order Anglican Franciscans (tertiaries) in the Province of the Americas, this book uses the composition methods of our 13th-century founder and presents a pastiche of 100 years of voices in the Province of the Americas. Papers, letters or articles written over the last century are presented whole; so, in one fashion, this history is an anthology by many authors. Many gifted people over the last 100 years wrestled with a wide variety of topics in the life of a Franciscan tertiary, and the greatest acknowledgment we can pay to them is to read what they wrote. As 21st-century Internet-experienced “readers,” we are accustomed to a visual presentation of information. Thus you will find these pages filled with over 170 pictures, diagrams, and tables so that this history is also a scrapbook of what we looked like and who we were over the past 100 years. This history also has more flesh and blood stories written by those who experienced them rather than a comprehensive collection of facts.
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