5/5/17: Associate Rector (Bryn Mawr, PA)

What are you looking for?
Associate Rector
What’s the name of your church or organization?
Church of the Redeemer
Where is the job site located?
Bryn Mawr, PA
What do you want this person to do?
The Church of the Redeemer, Bryn Mawr, is seeking a full-time Associate Rector who, together with the clergy and staff, will share in the comprehensive ministry of the parish. The chief responsibilities of this position will be sharing in liturgical leadership and pastoral care; overseeing the administration and advancement of formation programs for children and youth in collaboration with the Director of Children’s Ministries and youth group leaders; and developing peer and intergenerational opportunities in outreach.

The Church of the Redeemer is a vibrant parish in the broad church tradition. We are looking for energetic applicants who are able to work with persons of all ages and are committed to the cen-trality of worship, the nurturing of habits of thoughtfulness and prayer, and the integration of faith and life. A fuller job description can be found at (www.theredeemer.org). CDOs or resumés should be sent to The Rev. Peter Vanderveen (pvanderveen@theredeemer.org).

What type of commitment are you looking for?
Full time
Does this job pay?
What is the application process?
CDOs or resumés should be sent to The Rev. Peter Vanderveen (pvanderveen@theredeemer.org).
When is the application deadline?
Is there a link to the job posting or application somewhere?
Do you have a website?