Sermon Summer Camp for Preachers, May 22-July 11

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Sermon Summer Camp for Preachers
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Preachers who want to be inspired by Scripture again
Preachers who want a process that is life-giving rather than draining
Preachers who want to be more intentional about their time and schedule
Preachers who want to be more effective in the pulpit
Preachers who want the opportunity to discuss ideas and problems with other preacher

Where is Summer Camp?


By the end of Summer Camp, you’ll know how to:

Shift Your Mindset & Overcome the Obstacle of Perfectionism: Move your focus from product to prayer.
Go Deep: Apply Lectio, Meditatio, Oratio, and Contemplatio to sermon prep to discover new wonders, mysteries, and insights in Scripture.
Offer Good News you know authentically.

And much more!

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Lisa Cressman