4/25/17: Youth Minister (Vestavia Hills, AL)

What are you looking for?
Youth Minister
What’s the name of your church or organization?
Saint Stephen’s Episcopal Church
Where is the job site located?
Vestavia Hills, AL
What do you want this person to do?

Purpose of Job:
The job of the Co-Director of Youth Ministries [DYM] is to coordinate and oversee all activities for 7th-12th grade youth. The DYM reports directly to the Rector. Leadership, organizational, and relationship skills are needed to perform this job with success. An interest and desire to work with adolescents, as well as the ability to manage, connect with, and lead adolescents are also mandatory. An environment of mutual trust, respect, and safety is facilitated by the youth leader, thus creating space for adolescents to build community where they can learn, grow, question, discover, teach, serve, worship, laugh and cry together.

Responsibilities of Director of Youth Ministries [DYM]
1.) General Responsibilities
Leading youth through building relationships and trust
Creating a safe and engaging environment for youth to explore their faith
Planning all program sessions for each group
Recruiting, scheduling, overseeing, and guiding volunteers
Communicating with youth, parents, and parish via bulletin, newsletter, and e-mail
Planning, coordinating, implementing, and leading events, such as retreats, fundraisers, Youth Sunday, and parent meetings

2.) Pastoral Care
Calling, visiting, involving and welcoming the youth of our parish. This includes the use of all communications, email, telephone, notes and most of all, personal contact and conversations. The DYM is expected to schedule part of his/her time in the schools and at extra-curricular activities of the youth.

3.) 7th – 12th grade Teaching
In conjunction with the other youth ministers on staff, the DYM will be directly involved in the teaching of our youth. Actual ages and times of the classes will be determined in consultation with the Rector and the other youth ministers. The primary times for teaching are Wednesday evening,Sunday morning and Sunday evening. Additional times include serving in outreach and participating in camps, retreats, and other type of off-site activities.

4.) College Student Ministry: Develop and nurture relationship with youth of parish that are in college. Ministry to college-age adults is facilitated primarily through: social media communication; organize annual Christmas Luncheon with college-age members, communicating to college chaplains of incoming freshman, and semester ‘care’ packages.

5.) Administrative
Attend the weekly staff meeting; attend regular meetings with other Youth Ministers and Rector.

1. Hours and Salary – The Co-Director of Youth Ministries [DYM] is a full-time job.
Office schedule and salary will be determined before hire date.

2. Insurance Benefits – Medical, dental, disability, and other insurance available through the St. Stephen’s plan may be selected by each employee to meet his or her requirements. The cost of the insurance will be considered a part of the employee’s total compensation, as noted above. Annual merit and/or cost of living increases are based on total compensation and funds available. The increase may not necessarily cover the increased annual cost of the selected insurance benefits.

3. Vacations – Program Staff [Full-time and part-time who work at least 20 hours per week] will be granted four (4) weeks and four (4) Sundays of paid vacation each calendar year from the date of hire. No vacation may be taken during the first six (6) months of employment. Only full days may be taken. All vacation dates must be scheduled and coordinated through the Rector’s office. In the event of scheduling conflicts, seniority will determine the dates.

4. Personal Time Off – Employees will be granted a reasonable amount of personal time to attend urgent affairs that cannot be handled during non-working hours. It is expected that the time taken for personal matters will be made up at a later date. Personal time that can not be made up will be considered unpaid. The Rector or Parish Administrator, on an individual need basis, will consider requests for extended time off without pay for personal reasons. Compensatory time-off for extra days worked (mission trips, special events, etc) may be taken with the consent of the employee’s supervisor.

5. Sick Days – It is expected that each employee will be at work on all scheduled days. However, it is recognized that all people are occasionally ill. Each employee will be allowed up to ten paid sick days per calendar year. Sick days may be taken only for reasons of illness and unused days may not be carried over into the following year. Lengthy illnesses will be handled on an individual basis. The Rector and Parish Administrator will consider requests for extended time off due to illness.

6. Work Schedules – Clergy and lay professionals are classified under the Wage and Hour Law as “exempt” employees and are not compensated on an hourly basis. Irregular hours are usual involving nights, weekends, and holidays. Regular office hours are not expected. Accessibility and communication are expected. Accountability for performance and responsiveness is required for full-time and part-time lay professionals and clergy. They often will be in their offices during regular business hours.

7. Retirement Age – Mandatory retirement age for both clergy and full-time lay employees shall be considered to be 72 years.

8. Pensions –Lay employees with six months service and working at least 1000 hours a year are eligible to join the CPF 403(b) retirement plan. St. Stephen’s contributes an amount equal to 5% of the employee’s salary to the plan and also matches up to 4% of the employee’s contribution.

9. Tax Sheltered Annuity – Both clergy and lay employees may contribute a portion of their salary to a tax sheltered annuity, which is administered by the church.

10. Holidays – Saint Stephen’s lay employees will observe 11 paid holidays. Clergy may observe the same holidays to the extent their pastoral duties will allow. The holidays are: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Easter Monday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and two additional days at Christmas. When vacations are taken during one of these paid holidays it shall not count as a vacation day.

11. Pay Policies All employees are paid on the last business day of the month.

12. Continuing Education- Program Staff may request Continuing Education leave to be approved by the Rector in consultation with the Finance Committee. Requests for Continuing Education/Study Leave should be given to the Rector at least ninety (90) days before the planned event.

1. GENERAL If an employee leaves Saint Stephen’s for any reason before the end of the calendar year, any unused vacation days are forfeited, and the employee will receive no compensation or severance for those days. This provision does not alter the at-will status of employees.

2. Voluntary – Program Staff is expected to give at least one (1) month’s notice when leaving the Church’s employment voluntarily. Support Staff and Service/Maintenance Staff are expected to give at least two (2) weeks’ notice when leaving the Church’s employment voluntarily. Any fully earned vacation not taken shall be paid, subject to compliance with appropriate notice.

1. GENERAL The Rector shall meet annually with the Vestry to review the work of the Rector and the staff. This meeting shall be held in November prior to the December Vestry meeting. The current year’s accomplishments and the next year’s plans and goals should be discussed. Any problems should also be dealt with forthrightly.

2. Employee performance reviews shall be conducted at the end of the initial six (6) months of employment, and annually thereafter. Any salary adjustments at those intervals marked by each review are not to be considered automatic or normative.

What type of commitment are you looking for?
Full time
Does this job pay?
What is the application process?
Saint Stephen’s Episcopal Church Youth from Birmingham, Alabama has good news! My name is Catherine Poellnitz and I have been working at Saint Stephen’s as the only youth minister this past year, and I have had a fantastic, encouraging, and fulfilling year. However, our parish is built to have two people in this position, and I am glad to say that we will be starting the process of finding another full time Youth Minister to join our team! We are looking for someone who appreciates our youth ministry values of compassion, trust, authenticity, honesty, acceptance, and love.

To apply for this wonderful opportunity, one will have to send in a Resume and cover letter (telling us why the applicant wants to work as a Saint Stephen’s Youth Minister) to our Parish Administrator, Jen Manning, at jen@ssechurch.org. Once resumes are sent in, our Youth Committee will work as the selection committee. Through prayer, gratitude, and a little bit of hope, we are excited to start this process!

Our Youth Mission Statement says, “The Youth Ministry of Saint Stephen’s Episcopal Church accepts, serves, and encourages youth of all different perspectives to help them do Christ’s work in the world while becoming their true selves.” We try to live into this mission each day, and I am looking forward to welcoming someone to work alongside with.

With love and peace,
Catherine “Cpo” Poellnitz
Youth Minister, Saint Stephen’s Episcopal Church

When is the application deadline?
Is there a link to the job posting or application somewhere?
Do you have a website?