4/12/17: Assistant Rector – Younger Adults, Families, Community (Kansas City, MO)

What are you looking for?
Assistant Rector – Younger Adults, Families, Community
What’s the name of your church or organization?
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
Where is the job site located?
Kansas City, MO
What do you want this person to do?
St. Andrew’s is seeking a priest to lead ministries with younger adults (under 50) and families, both those presently in the congregation and those who aren’t part of a church. This priest will lead our efforts to build community, participation, and discipleship among members in these age groups; and he/she will minister with the unchurched, de-churched, and marginally churched, building community among spiritual-but-not-religious younger adults and families. That effort may result in creating a new spiritual community within the existing life of St. Andrew’s, as well as connecting younger adults and families with our inherited expression of church. (For examples of such a both/and approach, see our rector’s book Beating the Boundaries: The Church God is Calling Us to Be; Morehouse, 2016.) In all its manifestations, this priest’s work will embody the values of the Episcopal “Big Tent,” generous welcome, authentic relationships, worship flowing from the community that offers it, life-wide Christian formation, collaborative ministry, and service to the city and world around us.Primary Responsibilities
• Organize church community among younger adults and families who are unchurched, de-churched, and marginally churched.
o Be part of the area St. Andrew’s serves – learning its needs and passions, building relationships with people who live and work here, practicing ministry of presence, and actively organizing community by connecting people around shared needs and passions, spiritual and otherwise.
o Create fellowship and formation opportunities, such as discussions, studies, groups, prayer/meditation, service, meals, classes, arts events, etc.
o Collaborate with St. Andrew’s engagement coordinator to build relationships with younger people in groups that use the church’s facility, to deepen their engagement with the church.
o Collaborate with St. Andrew’s communications manager to market gatherings, activities, and other points of connection with people in the community.
o Serve as the primary pastor to younger adults and families coming into St. Andrew’s, including contacts, visits, counseling, marriages, baptisms, etc.
o Cultivate and curate worship arising from the community(ies) being formed.• Build relationships and lead existing ministries with St. Andrew’s younger adults, youth, and children.
o Serve as the primary pastor to people in those age groups, including regular contacts, counseling, marriages, baptisms, funerals, etc.
o Explore the spiritual needs of existing younger-adult members and discern ways to deepen their discipleship through formation, worship, and outreach ministry.
o Lead baptismal preparation and the youth Confirmation process (with support from the children’s and youth formation coordinators).
o Coordinate Discovery 101, a class and connection process for newcomers (with support from the engagement coordinator and other clergy).
o Take part in Children’s Chapel and Youth Group at least monthly, build spiritual programming with our Boy Scout Troop and Cub Scout Pack, and help lead annual youth and parent mission trips and retreats.
o Serve as the primary clergy presence to the Children’s, Youth, and Adult Formation Commissions, fostering a lifelong and life-wide approach to Christian formation. (The formation coordinators are the primary staff liaisons to these commissions.)
o With the engagement coordinator, serve as staff liaison to the Community Connection Commission and build evangelistic ministries.
o Depending on gifts and experience, perhaps supervise the formation team (part-time coordinators of children’s formation, youth formation, and adult formation).

• Create opportunities for people coming into St. Andrew’s and existing younger-adult members to build relationships and minister together, bringing those new to the church into the broadening community of the larger parish.

• Collaborate with existing outreach ministries to make service a key element of formation for younger adults and families.

• Help develop a culture of stewardship among younger adults and families.

• Share in the rotation of presiding, preaching (at least one Sunday a month), and emergency pastoral availability; take part in meetings of staff, commissions, Executive Committee, and Vestry.

Qualifications, Competencies, and Characteristics
• Master of divinity degree and ordination as a priest in The Episcopal Church or a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
• A love for building relationships with people.
• An ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment working at least 50 hours per week.
• An entrepreneurial spirit.
• A heart for mission and for sharing the Good News of God in Christ.
• Comfort and skill with social media and other information technology.
• Strong self-direction and time-management skills, prioritizing St. Andrew’s ministries.
• Outstanding communication skills.
• Experience and positive feedback in leadership, planning, budgeting, and administrative duties.
• Stamina, mobility, and a current driver’s license.
• Clearance by a comprehensive background check, following diocesan guidelines.
• A collaborative orientation to the practice of ministry.

Compensation and Benefits
• Competitive salary greater than the diocesan minimum.
• Insurance coverage following diocesan guidelines.
• Pension contributions following diocesan guidelines.
• Two days off per week, sometimes taken flexibly depending on parish activities and pastoral needs.
• Four weeks of paid vacation annually.
• One week of paid continuing education annually, with financial support.

St. Andrew’s is located in Brookside, a well-established neighborhood of south-central Kansas City; and the church and neighborhood share a 100-year history. Geographically, we are equidistant from the city’s core to the north and suburbia to the south. There are neighborhoods of great worldly abundance just to our west and great worldly want just to our east. The church’s Zip code is 94% white with a median household income of $126,000 and a median age of 41. However, in the three-mile radius around St. Andrew’s, the population is 64% white, 27% black, 5% Hispanic, 2% Asian, and 2% Native American or Pacific islander. Among people with a religious affiliation, our neighborhood has a high proportion of Roman Catholic families because of a strong presence of parochial schools, but it also includes many who have not found a spiritual home in organized religion. In the Kansas City metropolitan area, 34% of households are “churchless” (unchurched or de-churched). Kansas City itself is highly livable, offering Midwestern values along with the opportunities of a larger city, as well as a cost of living below the national average.

Work Environment
St. Andrew’s is a parish of the Diocese of West Missouri. Our membership is approximately 1,500 and average Sunday attendance is 320. Our parishioners live not just in the surrounding neighborhood but in several Zip codes on both sides of the state line. In the past seven years, we have completed a $1.7 million building restoration, and we are presently replacing one of the primary HVAC systems and renovating the undercroft. In addition, we are finalizing plans to rebuild the church’s youth and community center across the street, following a $3.6 million capital campaign, to improve our capacity to connect with people nearby. Like many Episcopal churches, we have seen slightly declining attendance over the past seven years, but the parish leadership is committed to building the congregation’s cultures of evangelism, discipleship, stewardship, and outreach. Although racially fairly homogeneous, St. Andrew’s is diverse in its members’ outlook, embodying the Big Tent, broad-church ethos of The Episcopal Church rather than staking out potentially divisive political or social positions. Our purpose, mission, and vision, discerned in 2016, are as follows:

Purpose (the “why” – our core belief, the deep and real reason for our being):
Inspired by Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we are called to love God, love neighbor, and love one another.

Mission (what we do):
We proclaim the grace and forgiveness of Jesus Christ, empower people for ministry, and serve people within and beyond our church.

Vision (what we aspire to be, the destination we’re seeking):
We will be a welcoming and inclusive community of loving disciples rooted in traditional Christian practice, exploring spirituality in new ways, and invested in the well-being of God’s creation.

What type of commitment are you looking for?
Full time
Does this job pay?
What is the application process?
Send a cover letter, résumé, and materials from the Office of Transition Ministry to the Rev. John Spicer, rector, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Kansas City, MO – frjohn@standrewkc.org. In the cover letter, please include a paragraph on your thoughts about St. Andrew’s from the perspective of someone outside the parish looking in through the available windows (website, Facebook, etc.).
When is the application deadline?
Do you have a website?