4/7/17: Rector, part time (Franklin, MA)

What are you looking for?
What’s the name of your church or organization?
St. John’s Episcopal Church
Where is the job site located?
Franklin, MA
What do you want this person to do?


The rector will have a primary responsibility for worship according to the Book of Common Prayer. Included in this is worship for Sundays, holidays, holy days, and music. In addition rector will:

• Offer sermons each week based on the lectionary readings for the day. We desire sermons that are simple, relatable and tie back to the reading

• Coordinate and supervise the work of all other participants in worship, including readers, lay Eucharistic ministers and music director

• Develop other worship opportunities and services as appropriate

• Offer baptism, marriage, burial and confirmation; and oversee preparations as needed

• Provide pastoral care

Responsible for overseeing Christian education and formation in the parish. The rector will:

• Teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ by word and example

• Oversee Christian Education in the parish for youth and adults

• Develop other educational and enrichment opportunities as needed

• Participate in continuing education programs for their own spiritual and professional growth, as appropriate

Assist the parish in reaching out to and welcoming members of the larger community into the church. The rector will:

• Welcome all people of faith to come together to worship God

• Equip the laity to serve during the service and serve our parish family

• Assist in developing ministries of service to the wider community

• Welcome the larger community to access our building

• Take their share in the life and ministry of the Diocese of Massachusetts

The rector is a chief pastor of the parish. The rector will:

• Oversee the care of individuals and families in joy and sorrow. Make calls and visits

• Make referrals for counseling and other services, if needed

• Supervise support staff and consult with Vestry members

• Guide and equip the laity for extending pastoral care to one another

The post is part-time temporarily. We want someone who can provide long-term stability and growth, and make a long term commitment. We want someone savvy at marketing and growing our parish family; who can gather funds to adapt and upgrade our church building and further support our church family; and build our reserves to ultimately fund a full-time Rector position and salary.

What type of commitment are you looking for?
Part time
Does this job pay?
What is the application process?
Interested candidates may send a cover letter, resume, a link to their audio/video sermons and a completed OTM form to:
The Rev. Jean Baptiste Ntagengwa,
Director of Transition Ministry
in the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts at:
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