2/28/17: Canon for Pastoral Care (Garden City, NY)

What are you looking for?
Canon for Pastoral Care
What’s the name of your church or organization?
Diocese of Long Island
Where is the job site located?
Garden City, NY
What do you want this person to do?
The Canon for Pastoral Care is a senior staff position whose efforts are principally focused on working closely with clergy and lay leadership by providing support, resources and insight that will encourage the spiritual and organizational health of the individuals and the parishes they serve. Additional responsibilities of the Canon for Pastoral Care will be the deployment and supervision of deacons, as well as, direct pastoral support to retired clergy and their families. The Canon for Pastoral Care will serve as the Diocesan In-Take Officer for all Title IV allegations. In short, the Canon for Pastoral Care is called to encourage a vision of congregational life that is spiritually vibrant, mission-focused and fully alive in the local community.

About the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island:

The Episcopal Diocese of Long Island is a multicultural, complex and dynamic community of faith that extends from Brooklyn Heights to Montauk, including Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties. The Bishop Diocesan is the Chief Shepherd of the Diocese. In addition to its 132 local congregations, The Episcopal Diocese of Long Island is engaged in numerous other missionary endeavors including, Episcopal Health Services / St. John’s Episcopal Hospital, Camp DeWolfe, Episcopal Ministries of Long Island, The Mercer School of Theology and the Trustees of the Estate Belonging the Diocese of Long Island. The Bishop Diocesan serves as President of each of these boards, as well as the Board of the Cathedral of the Incarnation.


The Canon for Pastoral Care is directly accountable to the Bishop Diocesan on issues surrounding active and retired clergy, including deacons. The Canon for Pastoral Care will be an active member of the Mission Cohort subgroup, which is headed by the Canon for Ministry Support and will meet regularly. The Canon for Pastoral Care will oversee all training and programing on evangelism and stewardship in conjunction with the Cathedral Community, the Mercer School and the Senior staff; especially Episcopal Ministries’ staff and board.

Nature and Scope of the Work:

Title IV In-Take Officer:
• Direct recipient of all communication, verbal and written, concerning Title IV allegations and clergy misconduct in general.
• Make report to the Bishop in a timely manner
• Follow through on all directives to ensure a satisfactory resolution for all concerned.

Pastoral Support to Clergy, their Families, Bishop’s Staff and Lay Leadership:
• Work with Mercer School to support programming to address their current needs
• Provide tools, training and resources that will strengthen and support those in need
• Provide ongoing moral and technical support and encouragement

Stewardship Formation – Partner with Mercer School and EMLI to:
• Provide access to educational and spiritual resources
• Encourage best practices
• Provide training opportunities for clergy and lay leaders

Support for Retired Clergy, their Spouses and Families:
• Develop close working relationship with the Chaplain for Retired Clergy and register as Assistant Chaplain for Retired Clergy
• Assist Chaplain for the Retired Clergy with providing pastoral support
• Attend annual Church Wide Conferences and Diocese gatherings
• Make recommendations to the Bishop regarding those in need of financial support either ongoing or one-time occurrences
• Manage applications for support to Church Pension

Deployment and Supervision of Deacons:
• Interim placement after ordination
• Develop a schedule for communicating in writing and via face to face meetings
• Encourage continued education for permanent deacons
• Report quarterly on Deacons ministry to the Bishop and recommend best utilization of their gifts and talents

Coordinate the diocesan work in the world on the behalf of the Bishop:
• Follow up on “calls for relief” for our partnership dioceses and other imminent calls for assistance
• Relay all current relief projects organized by Episcopal Relief & Development to the Bishop
• Follow up on any initiatives put in place by EDLI and keep track of progress

Critical Skills Required:
• Maintain the pattern of a Christian life
• Have a sensitivity to and awareness of multicultural diversity
• Have a joyful and appreciative spirit
• Be a skilled communicator (oral and written) and listener
• Maintain organizational excellence
• Be flexible
• Be a motivational coach
• Encourage Leadership development
• Be an effective consultant and facilitator
• Have an ability to offer and receive critical feedback

Some general position requirements are:
• Must be ordained and should have a range of experience and knowledge of the Episcopal Church its culture, canons, polity, and theological traditions
• Must have a strong track record as an effective leader in the life of a congregation.
• A healthy prayer life and an eagerness to explore Christ’s call to mission and service.
• Must be able to work collaboratively but also take personal initiative
• Proficiency with MS Word and MS Outlook

What type of commitment are you looking for?
Full time
Does this job pay?
What is the application process?
All interested candidates should submit cover letter with resume and/or ministry portfolio to:

Nancy Signore
Human Resource Manager

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