2/28/17: Canon for Ministry Support (Garden City, NY)

What are you looking for?
Canon for Ministry Support
What’s the name of your church or organization?
Diocese of Long Island
Where is the job site located?
Garden City, NY
What do you want this person to do?
The Canon for Ministry Support is an outward-facing senior staff position whose efforts are principally focused on the support, growth and oversight of all transition ministry work. One of the primary focuses will be to gather, encourage and provide supervision for Diocesan Missioners, while supporting all initiatives for new ministry. The Canon for Ministry Support will work closely with the Mercer School and the Commission on Ministry (Standing Committee) to provide resources and guidance for seminarians and newly ordained clergy. In short, the Canon for Ministry Support is called to support the diocese’s strategic mission plan as it concerns the clergy and their support and work with our congregations.

About the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island:
The Episcopal Diocese of Long Island is a multicultural, complex and dynamic community of faith that extends from Brooklyn Heights to Montauk, including Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties. The Bishop Diocesan is the Chief Shepherd of the Diocese. In addition to its 132 local congregations, The Episcopal Diocese of Long Island is engaged in numerous other missionary endeavors including, Episcopal Health Services / St. John’s Episcopal Hospital, Camp DeWolfe, Episcopal Ministries of Long Island, The Mercer School of Theology and the Trustees of the Estate Belonging the Diocese of Long Island. The Bishop Diocesan serves as President of each of these boards, as well as the Board of the Cathedral of the Incarnation.

The Canon for Ministry Support is directly accountable to the Bishop Diocesan. The Canon for Ministry Support shall facilitate regular meetings of the Mission Cohort subgroup that is comprised of the Canon for Ministry Support, the Canon for Pastoral Care, DCDI Coordinator, Director of Episcopal Ministries, Director of Communication and Assistant for Transition Ministry. The Canon for Ministry Support shall attend semi-annual Transition Ministry Conferences to keep current on all practices from the deployment of clergy to redeveloping congregations and church plants. The Canon for Ministry Support shall supervise the interim ministry and consultant training programs.

Nature and Scope of the Work:
Diocesan Transition Minister:
• To serve as the Bishop’s primary representative in deployment including mission congregations, parishes in development or new church plants
• Counsel individual clergy about vocation transitions; manage the search process for vacancies in parishes, organizations and on diocesan staff
• Maintain areas of ongoing clerical responsibility:
o General reporting to Church Deployment Office, and Church Pension Fund
o Licenses to Officiate / Canonical Residence
o Reviewing Ministry Covenants
• Attend semi-annual Transition Ministry Conference
• Remaining current in trends across the Church regarding deployment practices and strategies.

New and Redeveloping Congregations, Aided Parishes and their Clergy, and Partnerships:
• Aid and encourage mission/strategic planning
• Provide tools and training that will help build spiritual and organizational capacity
• Provide ongoing moral and technical support and encouragement
• Facilitate mutual ministry reviews, and provide episodic constructive feedback to

Diocesan Missioners, Church Planters and Church Redevelopers:
• Provide oversight, support, and supervision (individual/group)
• Provide moral support and encouragement
• Encourage and provide opportunities for ongoing education and formation

Mission Planning:
• Work closely with the Bishop, Diocesan Council and other senior or program staff members and diocesan leaders to engage faithful and creative strategic mission planning for the diocese.
• Encourage parishes to work together where common ministry may be engaged
• Collaborate with deans where appropriate.

General Congregational Development Support:
• Partner with Diocesan Church Development Institute (DCDI) and other diocesan consultants and trainers in order to provide technical expertise, education and training in the area of leadership development, organizational development for parish life, evangelism, hospitality, and general development of the health and spiritual wellbeing of the congregation.
• Partner with Episcopal Ministries of Long Island (EMLI) to help identify opportunities for local mission and social outreach providing access to resources including finances, asset mapping and networking; attend quarterly Grant Review Committee meetings.
• Develop a team of congregational coaches and consultants to work directly with parishes seeking congregational renewal.
• Review the Ministry Plan of the Diocese of Long Island commitments for Missioners and Partnerships in conjunction with the Finance Department to ensure that funds are used effectively and that congregations fulfill their responsibilities.
• Partner with Mercer School in coordinating and attending workshops on Sexual Harassment, Racism, Wardens / Vestry / Treasurers Workshops, Turning Points, etc.

Evangelism and New Member Support – Partner with Mercer School:
• Provide access to educational and spiritual resources
• Encourage best practices
• Provide training opportunities for clergy and lay leaders

Staff Responsibilities and Interaction:
• Attend weekly staff and semi-monthly senior/program staff meetings
• Convene and facilitate the Missions Cohorts (includes DCDI Coordinator, Episcopal Ministries, Communication and Transition Ministry)
• Collaborate with and support congregational coaches and consultants

Critical Skills Required:
• Maintain the pattern of a Christian life
• Have a sensitivity to and awareness of multicultural diversity
• Have a joyful and appreciative spirit
• Be a skilled communicator (oral and written) and listener
• Maintain organizational excellence
• Be flexible
• Be a motivational coach
• Encourage Leadership development
• Be an effective consultant and facilitator
• Have an ability to offer and receive critical feedback

Some general position requirements are:
• Must be ordained and should have a range of experience and knowledge of the Episcopal Church its culture, canons, polity, and theological traditions
• Must have a strong track record as an effective leader in the life of a congregation.
• Advanced training/education in congregational development, Diocesan Church Development Institute or evidence of lifelong learning in congregational/mission development is required.
• A healthy prayer life and an eagerness to explore Christ’s call to mission and service.
• Must be able to work collaboratively but also take personal initiative
• Proficiency with MS Word and MS Outlook

What type of commitment are you looking for?
Full time
Does this job pay?
What is the application process?
All interested candidates should submit cover letter with resume and/or ministry portfolio to:

Nancy Signore
Human Resource Manager

When is the application deadline?
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