2/11/17: Organist/Choirmaster (San Antonio, TX)

What are you looking for?
What’s the name of your church or organization?
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church & Montessori School
Where is the job site located?
San Antonio, TX
What do you want this person to do?
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Organist/Choir Master

The Organist/Choir-Master works in collaboration with the Rector, Vestry, and Soli Deo Gloria Guild to provide leadership to the music ministry of St. Paul’s.

The Organist/Choir Master is directly responsible to the Rector or his/her designee for developing and promoting the music ministry of St. Paul’s. The Organist/Choir Master is responsible for supervising the Choral Scholars program and any other paid musicians. The Organist/Choir-Master works closely with members of the Soli Deo Gloria Guild to promote a sense of ownership and accountability.

Organist/Choir Master Responsibilities:

Provide Music during worship by assisting the Rector in planning Sunday worship and special services of the church.

Work with the Rector and Worship Assistant in the preparation of a weekly service bulletin.
Coordinating the music program with the liturgical calendar.

Providing instrumental leadership of the liturgy, creating a vibrant atmosphere for worship, including a variety of styles of music.

Directing the organization and implementation of the choir and any vocal or instrumental soloists/ensembles for worship or special services. This includes a regularly scheduled rehearsal.

Support the ministry of St. Paul’s by:

Effectively recruiting church members into the music program. Proactively encouraging volunteers to join the choir and training them accordingly.

Overseeing and maintaining all equipment used for music (organ, instruments, sheet music, etc) and reporting any repair needs to the Vestry.

Attending occasional church functions outside of Sunday worship.

Encouraging a healthy sense of community within the choir, and responding appropriately to pastoral concerns in communication with the Rector.

Providing and adhering to agreed-upon budgets and reporting any discrepancies to the Rector.

Preparing monthly written reports to the vestry on music program, and work effectively with the vestry liaison for music ministry.

A regularly scheduled meeting with the Rector for purposes of liturgical planning and ministry collaboration.

Attendance at a monthly staff meeting.

Recruiting members to offer leadership and support Soli Deo Gloria music guild, and holding regularly scheduled meetings. Collaboration with these lay leaders is key to the growth and overall health of the music program.

Use website/social media to effectively communicate choir events/happenings.

Establish office hours at least one day a week during regular business hours of the church office.

Supervise Choral Scholars and paid musicians by:

Providing all paid musicians with the appropriate payroll paperwork and ensuring its completion.

Monitoring and reporting attendance for payroll purposes.

Providing timely feedback if musicians are not meeting expectations set forth in position descriptions.

Communicate dates and responsibilities to paid and volunteer musicians in a timely fashion.

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Part time
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Please submit a cover letter, resume, and links to any available media (concerts, blogs, projects) relevant to the position of Organist/Choirmaster.
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