Join Dr. Clair McPherson on A Pilgrimage to Medieval France & Germany, June 5-14

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Join Dr. Clair McPherson on A Pilgrimage to Medieval France & Germany
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Visit Notre-Dame in Paris, pray with the Brothers at St-Michel-de-Cuxa, enjoy the great “Two Adams” window at Lyons, see the throne of Charlemagne in his Chapel at Aachen, kneel at the underground sanctuary of St. Boniface in Fulda, explore the Cathedral in Nimes where Christians were thrown to the lions, marvel at the stunning stained glass in the Cathedral of Chartres, study the great carvings of the Cathedral of St. Lazarua in Autun, and reflect on the meaning of pilgrimage at the beautiful Church at Vezalay.

Professor Clair McPherson, The General Theological Seminary. leads this 10-day pilgrimage-seminar-holiday to medieval France and Germany. Plan to join our expedition, a joyour celebration of the sacred treasures of the Middle Ages. You will enjoy excellent accommodations, comfortable travel and great local cuisine.

This tour may be take for 3 GTS credits in either History or Theology by students, alumni, clergy interested in continuing education or general learners.

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