Transforming Evangelism

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Transforming Evangelism
David Gortner
Church Publishing
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This book anticipated much of the reawakening now stirring the Episcopal Church, at the heart of what Presiding Bishop Curry has called “The Jesus Movement.” Gortner is passionate about reclaiming and properly redefining evangelism that is rooted in joy and wonder at God’s great love, trust that God is already at work in all people’s lives, eagerness to hear others’ stories and share our own stories, and an everyday ease in speaking of the God of Life and “naming the Holy” at work in people’s lives. When people use the tools and study the examples provided in this book, they soon learn that people really are interested in talking about their lives and sharing matters of the heart — and that people are open to hearing about our lives and the ways we have experienced God’s grace.
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Amazon, Church Publishing
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David Gortner