11/23/16: Director of Youth and Family Ministries (Weston, MA)

What are you looking for?
Director of Youth and Family Ministries
What’s the name of your church or organization?
St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
Where is the job site located?
Weston, Massachusetts
What do you want this person to do?
St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Weston, MA seeks a Director of Youth and Family Ministries to direct, grow and participate in our K-8th grade church school programs, High School Youth Group, and related children-youth-family activities. We seek a creative, energetic, and faithful person who possesses an enthusiasm for the Christian education, spiritual formation and discipleship of children and young people. This job requires keen organizational skills, a spirit of collaboration and teamwork, strong written and oral communication skills, a sense of humor, and a sincere love of God’s people of all ages. This position is 20 hours a week. Compensation based on qualification and experience. Please send cover letter and resume to the Rev. Lynn Campbell, Rector, lynn@stpetersweston.org. A full job description can be found at http://www.diomass.org/webfm_send/3871.
What type of commitment are you looking for?
Part time
Does this job pay?
When is the application deadline?
Do you have a website?
Is there a link to the job posting or application somewhere?