11/18/16: Dean of the Faculty of Divinity (Toronto, Canada)

What are you looking for?
Dean of the Faculty of Divinity
What’s the name of your church or organization?
Trinity College
Where is the job site located?
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
What do you want this person to do?
Trinity College, a university in federation with the University of Toronto and a founding member of the Toronto School of Theology, invites applications and nominations for the position of Dean of the Faculty of Divinity. The appointment is for a term of five years commencing 1 July 2017. The Dean will build upon the Faculty of Divinity’s longstanding leadership role in theological education, as well as the Faculty’s reputation for responsiveness to cultural change and the evolving needs of our interrelated global society. Developing a strong vision for the future and ensuring the high standards necessary for all Faculty of Divinity academic programs within a rigorous academic environment of openness, diversity and dialogue are key priorities for the future. The Dean will be also be instrumental in the formation of individuals for Christian ministry. The College especially seeks candidates who are ordained in the Anglican Church and who bring a record of academic excellence and leadership including an earned doctorate and the ability to supervise doctoral work. The Dean will be expected to lead and to contribute fully and creatively to the Faculty’s own objectives, as well as to play a prominent leadership role in the College as a whole.Applications and nominations should be emailed by December 15, 2016 to the Nominating Committee at hr@trinity.utoronto.ca . Please include a covering letter, a curriculum vitae and other contact information of three references.
What type of commitment are you looking for?
Full time
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