Wholehearted Living: Five-Minute Reflections for Modern Moms, by Jennifer Grant

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Wholehearted Living: Five-Minute Reflections for Modern Moms
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Jennifer Grant
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Loyola Press
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November 2014
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41pmk4iybbl“Doing it all” and “having it all” have become barriers for women, barbed judgments for moms especially. At a time when it seems that moms should be everything to everyone—and failing at one implies failing at all!—Wholehearted Living cuts through the uncertainty and self-shame and confidently proclaims: You’re doing great, just as you are.

Author Jennifer Grant presents a smart, accessible, and inspiring book for moms who don’t have much time, but long to connect deeply with their own selves, their families, friends, and with God. Designed to be a daily moment of peace and reflection, Wholehearted Living addresses the authentic concerns, fears, and joys that women experience as they strive against the imperfect “have it all” mentality. Every month presents its own practice relating to reflection, risk, or rest, and each page echoes the needs of modern moms. Wholehearted Living doesn’t try to change who you are, it helps you thrive where you are.

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