Curacy Express: A Training Resource for New Clergy, by Robert Michael Lewis

Curacy Express: A Training Resource for New Clergy
Robert Michael Lewis
Wipf and Stock
Month and Year of Publication
June 2016
Description or summary
The twenty-first-century church is increasingly placing recently trained seminary or locally trained clergy in smaller churches where they must stand alone without the training under a senior pastor. Since leadership in a church and academic preparation in seminary are two very different things, the church historically developed a history of offering “curacies,” or training assistantships, to help blend the two disciplines and merge classroom knowledge into practical application. Today, these formal assistantships are mostly a thing of the past. Curacy Express: A Training Resource for New Clergy reconfigures this training into a current model. New clergy serving in their own church and mentor clergy serving in another church work together over a course of thirty-three self-paced learning modules. In each module, the newly ordained person gains valuable skills, mentor’s observations and reflections, new confidence, and leadership formation. The result is clergy trained to be competent and confident in their roles as clergy-in-charge.
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