The Holy Spirit In The Book of Common Prayer, by John W. Wesley

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The Holy Spirit In The Book of Common Prayer
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John W. Wesley
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February 2015
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book-coverMy hope is that everyone who reads this book will see in a renewed way the dramatic role the Holy Spirit plays in all of the Rites and prayers in the American Book of Common Prayer and will become as convinced as I am that the Holy Spirit is the solution to our denomination’s current “power” crisis. By looking again at the Holy Spirit as He is named, acknowledged, invoked and applied in our own Book of Common Prayer, I believe we can also find in our Prayer Book ways of accessing the power of the Holy Spirit for personal, congregational, denominational and societal benefit. If these things can happen, then I believe we will experience a re-igniting of the flame that once made our denomination great. It is that hope that propels me to write this book.
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John W. Wesley
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