Loving an Addict: Gospel Reflections of Hope and Healing, by Alyssa Phillips

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Loving an Addict: Gospel Reflections of Hope and Healing
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Alyssa Phillips
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Upper Room Books
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March, 2015
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UR1369 Loving an Addict

UR1369 Loving an Addict

Fear. Anger. Shame. Resentment. Despair. If you love someone with an addiction these are familiar emotions. As the wife of an alcoholic, Alyssa Phillips knows them all too well.

In this collection of 52 devotions Phillips shares her journey of coming to peace with loving an addict. Reading and journaling through the Gospels, she discovered surprising connections with what she had heard in Al-Anon. Stories of Jesus’ interactions with others catalyzed new insights and demonstrated her own need to change rather than simply focusing on her husband’s drinking.

“Alyssa Phillips’ devotional use of scripture combined with immersion in 12-step recovery bridge a significant gap for Christians seeking to draw strength from both dimensions of God’s loving activity. . . These words exemplify how the darkness of one’s past can be redeemed as a resource for helping others.” The Rev. Stuart H. Hoke, Th.D., Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Theology, General Theological Seminary, New York City

“The author’s hard won wisdom , together with the wisdom of scripture, helps us to see the universal truth that the addict is not ‘out there’ but ‘in here.’ We can learn to love all parts of ourselves. We can become more fully the people God longs for us to be.” Kayla McClurg, inward/outward, an online project of The Church of the Saviour, Washington DC

Winner of the 2015 USA Best Book Award in the category of Religion: Christianity

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Amazon; bookstore.upperroom.org