First Words of Jesus: From the Cradle to the Cross, by Stu Epperson, Jr.

First Words of Jesus: From the Cradle to the Cross
Stu Epperson, Jr.
Worthy Inspired
Month and Year of Publication
October, 2016
Description or summary
9781617957987If we didn’t need a cross, there would have been no manger.

The first words of a child hold great power. They begin to unveil personalities, passions, and—for Jesus—His purpose. With his first recorded words, Jesus’s purpose became clear both for that moment and for the remainder of his beautiful and tragic life, stretching from the wooden cradle in Bethlehem to the wooden cross on Calvary.

In The First Words of Jesus, Stu Epperson returns with meditations on what Jesus’s first recorded words meant to those seeking Him, including Mary and Joseph, the shepherds, Herod, Anna, Simeon, and others.

This thought-provoking, engaging look at the beginning of Jesus’s life will help you…
• Understand His opening words and why He said them
• Realize Jesus’s ultimate purpose as it related to each point in His life
• Uncover the thread of redemption masterfully woven throughout history

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