Recovery Ministries Gathering, Nov. 3-5 (Williamsburg, VA)

Recovery Ministries Gathering
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Williamsburg, Virginia
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Annual Gathering of Recovery Ministries of the Episcopal Church – Called to Transformation: The Church’s Response to Addiction in the 21st Century
Keynote: Kevin McCauley
General Sessions
1. Overview of 3 General Convention resolutions
2. Is it a disease or is it a choice? – Kevin McCauley
Breakout workshops
1. Equally Attractive Alternatives: Hosting a safe and welcoming environment
A158 – Policy on substance abuse, addiction, and recovery
Signs of intoxication –
#4, Event names: pub theology, wine & cheese, etc.
#12 highlighted what is business of the church, #14 – a buffet of options at Communion
2. The Church’s Role
A159 – Role of the church in the culture of alcohol and other drug abuse
Recovery Ready Churches, Recovery Sundays, Resources, Supporting the local
recovery community, How do we repent/make amends?, How do we advocate?
3. Clergy & Leadership Wellness
D014 – Question ordinands about addiction
Self-care, Clergy Wellness Program
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The Rev. Jan M Brown