9/26/16: Bi-Vocational Vicar (Martinsville, IN)

What are you looking for?
Bi-Vocational Vicar
What’s the name of your church or organization?
St. Mary’s Episcopal Church
Where is the job site located?
Martinsville, Indiana
What do you want this person to do?
Interested in Bi-Vocational Ministry? Newly retired? Want to live near Indianapolis? St. Mary’s, Martinsville could be perfect for you!!!

10 hours/week with an emphasis on Evangelism & Mission!!

Low cost of living. All amenities of big city without the traffic. No matter where you live: Cultural amenities, state parks, and more within 1.5 hours. Wonderful spirit of collegiality! High level of transition; share in changing the face of this great diocese.

What type of commitment are you looking for?
  • Part-time
Does this job pay?
Do you have a website?
Is there a link to the job posting or application somewhere?