Progoff Intensive Journal Workshop, Nov. 14-17 (Monteagle, TN)

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Progoff Intensive Journal Workshop
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635 College Street
Monteagle, Tennessee 37356
United States
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The Progoff Intensive Journal® method is a powerful tool for diving deep into oneself to achieve profound self-development and growth. At this four-day workshop participants will explore this method and work toward generating creativity, imagination, and purpose through an integrated system of writing exercises. You will gain insight into many different dimensions of your life, including personal relationships, career, health, your dreams, and life’s meaning.

Though the workshop will be conducted in a group setting, you will work in total privacy. The workshop facilitator will help to guide you through the process in a non-judgmental, supportive, and low-key manner. However, the presence of others, each working privately, will create a silent energy of support that is not felt when working alone at home.

The workshop is presented without dogma: people of all different backgrounds, interests, and faiths are welcome.

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Paul Schutz
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