Fundamentals of Transitional Ministry course, Oct. 11-13 (Monteagle, TN)

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Fundamentals of Transitional Ministry
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635 College Street
Monteagle, Tennessee 37356
United States
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The Beecken Center is proud to partner with the Interim Ministry Network (IMN) to host a three-day course, Fundamentals of Transitional Ministry: the Work of the Transitional Leader. The role of the interim leader is presented and discussed along with tools and resources that facilitate transitional leadership. The course is presented by the Rev. Dr. Molly Dale Smith, an Episcopal priest with nearly twenty years’ experience in transitional ministry, and introduces foundational theories that are key to interim ministry. Class hours are devoted to providing opportunities for experiential learning through the use of case studies and sacred story.

Lay leaders are welcome to attend. While this course emphasizes the work of the transitional pastor, it is also helpful to judicatory and lay leaders to make informed and healthy choices about clergy leadership during times of transition.

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