Trinity Institute: Water Justice, March 22-24 (NYC)

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Trinity Institute 2017: Water Justice
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Trinity Church
Broadway at Wall Street
New York, New York 10271
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The 2017 Trinity Institute conference, titled “Water Justice,” will directly address the need for water justice initiatives in areas of access, droughts, pollution, rising tides, and flooding, and also offers actionable guidance for individuals, congregations, and the larger faith community.

Access to clean water is an essential human right, yet such access is increasingly compromised by droughts, pollution, rising tides, and flooding. These effects of climate change are most tangibly felt by the very people the gospel urges us to look to — the marginalized and the vulnerable.

This conference, infused with spiritual principles and common prayer along with science and solutions, allows us to deeply examine what connects us, and empowers us to take unified, faith-based action on the front lines of the water justice movement.

The conference takes place in New York City, and is hosted simultaneously via webcast by Partner Sites worldwide.

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