These Are Our Bodies: Talking Faith and Sex at Church and Home, by Leslie A. Choplin, Jenny Beaumont, Abbi Long

Title of the book or publication
These Are Our Bodies: Talking Faith and Sex at Church and Home
Leslie A. Choplin, Jenny Beaumont, Abbi Long
Church Publishing Incorporated
Month and Year of Publication
August 2016
ProductDetailAIt used to be that we didn’t talk about sex or religion in polite company. But times have changed, say Leslie A. Choplin and Jenny Beaumont, authors of “These Are Our Bodies: Talking Faith and Sex at Church and Home,” the foundation book that is the core resource for a new curriculum from Church Publishing Incorporated.

“Today, sexuality is all around us: at home, on television and the Internet, at school, in the workplace, and thankfully, even in our churches,” they write. “Sexuality plays an important role in our lives and our society. As Christians, we recognize it as a gift from God—a gift that requires care and stewardship. It requires partnership, conversation, and support in our congregations—between children, youth, and adults of all ages.”

The new curriculum, being released in stages over the next eighteen months and available at, provides church leaders and parents with accurate information and language that can help them create a safe space for talking about human sexuality in light of both Christian faith and progressive, inclusive values.

“There is an urgent need across the Church for faithful, honest conversations with young people about sexuality,” says Lisa Kimball, Ph.D., associate dean for lifelong learning at Virginia Theological Seminary. “Finally, we have the sturdy resource we need to hold them. Honoring the inherent tension between the beauty and the complexity of the God-given gift of human sexuality, ‘These Are Our Bodies’ is written for real people with real lives. It invites parents and church leaders into the serious, hopeful work of integrating body and soul.”

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Rebecca Wilson