The Wrong Side of Eternity: A Present-Day Passion

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The Wrong Side of Eternity: A Present-Day Passion
Mary Mendenhall
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July, 2016
excerptIn Uganda, Charity Ntambara and her uncle Geoffrey suffer indescribable horrors during the regime of Idi Amin, while half a world away, self-assured Irish-Mexican Stephen O’Connell escapes a small-town, checkered past to pursue education near San Francisco. There, fresh ideas—and people as diverse as brilliant anti-feminist Madeleine, the musical genius Bryce, and very earthy Julie Burns—pull his soul in opposing directions. ‘By chance’ he prevents the murder of a Ugandan refugee, catapulting him irrevocably into a world of need and danger.

Black-and-white thinking proves no help to Stephen upon encountering the blood-red reality of violence in East Africa some years later. He finds that he too has the capacity to harm others. When a case of mistaken identity nearly destroys his family, he must start afresh in a ‘civilized’ place where safety remains elusive. Friends and colleagues, as different as the four elements, all labor to make the world a better place. But in the end, who will succeed?

Akin to the writings of Barbara Kingsolver (The Poisonwood Bible) and John leCarré (The Constant Gardener), this reality-based novel celebrates intimate friendship and diversity against a contemporary backdrop of prejudice, brutality, gender issues, and loss. The story’s depth, intrigue, and tantalizing use of symbol enthralls adult readers who marvel at heroic resilience in the face of tragedy. In vivid contrast to horrific accounts of Rwanda’s genocide, this ‘present-day passion’ story dares to offer situational humor, resurrection, and invincible joy.

Mary Mendenhall has previously written a mystical romance and is currently at work on a reflection based on the dream of Saint Clare. She is widely traveled, lived in southwestern Uganda for six years, and now resides in Washington state. She has three grown sons.

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Mary Mendenhall