Tackling Wicked Problems, Enabling Change, Oct. 27-29 (Ponte Vedra Beach, FL)

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Tackling Wicked Problems, Enabling Change
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Christ Church
400 San Juan Dr.
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
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Led by the Rev. Nathan Kirkpatrick, Tackling Wicked Problems, Enabling Change is a two-day working event for parish teams of 4-6, intended for leadership teams who already work well together and who have already done some strategic planning.

Most of the challenges and opportunities before congregations today are wicked problems. That isn’t a moral judgement; rather, it is a description of the complexity of the problems before us. They are challenges like poverty and racism, and they are opportunities like endowments and land and property use. They are problems that cannot be solved by one person or one group alone, and in every attempt to “solve” the problem, we find new dimensions of the problem/dilemma.

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Jennifer Reese