8/24/16: Rector (Los Altos, CA)

What are you looking for?
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Christ Church
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Los Altos, California
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We pray that Christ Church becomes, more than ever before, a place where each person is loved, even and especially for qualities that are not valued in our midst. We pray that Christ Church becomes a place where people of our community are nurtured by our beautiful music and by Episcopal liturgy and traditions, and simply by being given enough breathing space to come to themselves and to God. We pray for fair opportunities for all.

We have always been doers and planners. This forward looking attitude has been part of our DNA since our beginning as the first church in a new town. In recent years, we have demonstrated these qualities as we founded a school, hired a gifted 14-year-old organist and composer, and began our current project of building a rectory. And yet, we may have become too comfortable with the status quo. Like many other congregations, our attendance is declining and our parishioners are aging. The world around us is changing rapidly, and we know that to survive we must change, not by abandoning our core but by opening to God in our midst and to God’s purpose for us. We seek a rector who will work with us to meet and adapt to challenges and help us grow in faith and become a conduit of grace in our community.

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  • Full-time
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